Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 30.

Well, I'm unfortunately still lagging behind a few days thanks to a very stressful week. Anyway here's the pictures from the last day in Campania: Paestum.

The temple of Hera II, a truly amazing building.It might be fun to know that it was converted into a hay barn during the early middle ages. One heck of a barn....

The temple of Hera I and Hera II in one pictures. The setting is unbelievable, I hardly know what to say about it. One thing worth mentioning is that when the site was rediscovered they interpreted the Hera I temple as a basilica. They should really have read a book or two before the excavations...

A Lucani tomb painting, an ancient people that ruled the city for quite some time, from the area. Their culture is believed to have been warlike thanks to the many depictions of armed men in the tombs.

This is what makes ancient history really exciting, a ruin in the middle of the field to explore on your own during a sunny afternoon. The one in the shot was a piece of a gate in the Hellenistic (323-31 BC) walls.

The very famous tomb painting depicting a youth diving into the sea. This might be something worth remembering!

This shot is meant to pull you down to the ground again after all the shots from Pompeii, as this is what's normally left of a Roman villa. It may be noted that the atrium style houses was continued to be buildt at this site more then 150 years after the time of their disappear in Rome.

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