Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Greece - The cradle of Europe

So, what is this new plan? As I left Rome yesterday no more days in Rome can be presented here, at least not in the form that I have done it this far.

The blogg will therefore, from this point forward until my next trip abroad, use a thematic form. I will for a few weeks, even months, present a subject. This will be done by posting one picture every day with a little more in depth information than what you may be used to by now.

Then, what theme will I start with. I have though of a number of possibilities as Pompeii, The Roman Forum, foreign cults, Roman art and so on. I feel though, in the end, that a break from Rome is needed and my attention will there for be on Greece for some time. All pictures will, of course, still have been taken by me.

Let me therefore introduce you to my new theme. Greece - The cradle of Europe.

Posting a picture of Parthenon would be far to easy. This is the Temple of Olympian Zeus in Athens, which was begun by Peisistratus during the mid 6th century BC and was finished by the Roman emperor Hadrianus in the early 2nd century AD. It is therefore a good start on this theme as it represent both original Greek architecture and the Roman period.

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