Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Greece - Treasury of Atreus

I will try to post this theme in a somewhat chronological order - from the Bronze Age and onwards.

The so called Treasury of Atreus, built ca 1250 BC, is situated only a short distance from the Mycenaean citadel. It's a large beehive formed structure with one big chamber (beehive shaped)and a second smaller. The picture shows the main entrance to the tomb, which once was decorate and it might be difficult to see in this picture but the stones are huge: the lower one are almost 2 meters high. The structure itself is about 14 meter high in total.

It is not known who was buried here and no finds were made as it had been plundered long before any excavations were made. Yet, it is outstanding in it's size and form and the date corresponds with the time when the Mycenaeans were coming into a very prosperous phase. The conclusion has therefore been that a very rich ruler was buried here.

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