Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 35.

Today have been amazing, we have visited the Monte Testaccio, the Norwegian institute and the Finish institute. We will also celebrate Vappo/valborg there tonight.

The view from the finish institute. Both the building and setting is unbelievable!

One of the statues at the Ponte Vittoria Emanuelle II

The Torre delle Milizie, behind Trajans market, towering over the imperial forae since the middle ages.

Monte Testaccio is all but impossible to describe with words. To make it easy for you: Between 140 and 270 AD 53 million vessels with a combined weight of 1500 billion kilos were put in a huge pile at this site. About 85% of them comes from Spain and contained olive oil.

This is how the Monte is constructed, as you may see very, very carefully. Such an effort it must have been!

The headquarters of Opus Die, the mysterious society from the Da Vinci Code. I wonder why it is situated next to the Norwegian institute...Hmmm.

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