Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 38.

Saturday, freedom and sleep, this has been a good day! I decided that sitting still was boring however and went out for a short walk, taking a look at the Porta Maggiore. From there I followed the aqueducts into the central area of the city and took a short look at the Baths of Trajanus and the Forum.

Something that might interest you is that some new areas have been opened up to the public at the forums - A small part of Nervas forum and the Basilica Aemelaia.

The Porta Maggiore, built by Claudius around 50 A.D.

One of the entrances to the Villa Borghese is guarded by this fellow and his cousin.

They really need to think about a new name...

Oh damn, those guys have their own private aqueduct. I wonder if it's for sale?

The obelisk at the Piazza di san Giovanni in Laterano.

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Cinzia said...

Porta Maggiore looks like it oddly fits in despite the modern traffic. Nice shot.