Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 60.

Hard as it is to believe, my stay in Rome is coming to an end rather soon (two weeks). Up until today I have not thought my about when I am to go home, it seemed to be far away but it stuck me today. Oh well, two weeks left, I'll live!

Anywway I've visited the Museo Altemps today, one of Rome's four National Museums.

A male statue, possibly a bachant (Bacchus worshipper). Notice the gold on his hand.

Reminding you of something? It could be this picture from day 56.

Romans conquering barbarians in battle, another sarcophagus. You can notice the similaraties to this one at the Palazzo Massimo which I visited day 24 & 51.

The chapel of the Museo Altemps.

A greek (?) depiction of Aphrodite. The classical museum of Lund used to have a copy of this.

This is what I call hard living! What a job!

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