Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 66.

Another busy day in Rome, or actually outside of Rome as I've been to Tivoli visiting the Villa of Hadrian and Villa d'este. I could easily post a hundred pictures from today but you will have to live with five!

The very famous Maritime Theater, one of the many fabulous places in the villa. I might add that the villa probably is as big as Herculaneum.

A beautiful column.

A (medieval?) castle in Tivoli that I passed by randomly.

Things were very much different 500 years ago. Priests weren't supposed to be humble, just look at this private waterfall in the garden of Villa d'este at Tivoli, build by a cardinal.

A painting (one of many, many, many) in the same villa. No expense saved. Notice that it's depicting Hercules as a "warrior" in the front scene and a herdsman in the background scene. The later is a ancient interpretation of Hercules, which was very strong in Tivoli.

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