Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 70.

The second day in Ravenna was much longer than the first, the place is full of churches. Anyway I'm still a few days behind with the pictures after the excursion but as we're having a party tonight youäll have to wait for the rest until tomorrow. Til' then, enjoy.

The San Apollinare in Classe basilica.

King and princeps Theodrics (454-526 AD)mausoleum.

A mosaic from the S. Apollinare Nuovo depicting Theodrics palace (Palativm). Notice that most of the central part is remade during the 19th century,

Another mosaic from S. Apollinare Nuovo, this one depicting the port city Classe.

Classe today. Not to much left.

We visited a mosaic school. Very interesting.

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