Sunday, July 19, 2009


I actually had a close up on how the caryatids are placed at the Erechteion. Notice though that these are, just as a great number of other ancient pieces in the field, are modern copies while the originals are to be found in museums. Yet, they clearly show you how they were used. Another place where you find a lot of copies is Pompeii. If you ever go there, notice how many tourists there are, taking shots of the famous (copy) faun (in Casa del Fauno). It's actually attracting thieves too from time to time, and the authorities have to replace it with regular intervals.


Jonathan said...

Great photo. Add that to the erechteion in Museia, even though it is a copy. Adam Lowe have written an excellent article about authenticity and how a copy can be more authentic in its natural surroundings than an original in a museum. "The migration of the aura, or how to explore the original through its fac similes" (Lowe 2007)

Patrik Klingborg said...

Consider it added! I've got to read that article, it's an interesting topic. He's theory seems to be correct though when only very quickly reflecting over it - an object out of context lose most of it's value.