Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Roman Kitchen

The kitchen of an Atrium house. The firewood was stored in the lower are, the fire place on top of the construction. You'll have to imagine it with a slow fire and tripods with pots placed on top.

We have no discussed all the primary rooms of an atrium house. I would now like to turn my attention to other not always mentioned parts, such as the kitchen, toiled, bath, storage room, slave quarters etc.

First out is the kitchen, an essential part of every wealthy person’s house. This might seem strange to point out, but most Romans did not have a kitchen and the lower classes were normally forbidden to cook their own food in their apartments (due to the risk of fire). They thus had to eat out (At places such as the Tabernae mentioned two days ago).

The upper classes however were expected to not be seen at any such establishments and therefore had to have a kitchen of their own.

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