Saturday, November 28, 2009

Spols from the Jewis war

Relief from the arch of Titus at the forum Romanum. Notice the Menorah.

"But for those that were taken in the temple of Jerusalem, (9) they made the greatest figure of them all; that is, the golden table, of the weight of many talents; the candlestick also [i.e. most likely the menorah], that was made of gold, though its construction were now changed from that which we made use of; for its middle shaft was fixed upon a basis, and the small branches were produced out of it to a great length, having the likeness of a trident in their position, and had every one a socket made of brass for a lamp at the tops of them. These lamps were in number seven, and represented the dignity of the number seven among the Jews; and the last of all the spoils, was carried the Law of the Jews. After these spoils passed by a great many men, carrying the images of Victory, whose structure was entirely either of ivory or of gold. After which Vespasian marched in the first place, and Titus followed him; Domitian also rode along with them, and made a glorious appearance, and rode on a horse that was worthy of admiration."

Josephus - Bellum Judaicum (the Jewish war) VII.5.6.
Translated by William Whiston

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