Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cupid and Psyche and a feast for the Gods

The myth of Cupid and Psyche describe how a very beautiful mortal girl meet Cupid (Eros). The mortality is a problem but she'll get to marry the god in the end but only after a number of trials, troubles and turns.

Cupid and Psyche. I'm quite sure that it originate from Ostia, Domus di Amore e Psiche (I,XIV,5. This is however a Roman copy and the type was widespread.

"Incontinently after, Jupiter commanded Mercury to bring up Psyche, the spouse of Cupid, into the palace of heaven. And then he took a pot of immortality, and said: "Hold, Psyche, and drink to the end thou mayst be immortal, and that Cupid may be thine everlasting husband."

By and by the great banquet and marriage feast was sumptuously prepared. Cupid sat down with his dear spouse between his arms: Juno likewise with Jupiter, and all the other Gods in order. Ganymede filled the pot of Jupiter, and Bacchus served the rest. Their drink was nectar, the wine of the Gods. Vulcan prepared supper, the Hours decked up the house with roses and other sweet smells, the Graces threw about balm, the Muses sang with sweet harmony, Apollo tuned pleasantly to the harp, Venus danced finely, Satyr and Pan played on their pipes: and thus Psyche was married to Cupid, and after she was delivered of a child, whom we call Pleasure."

Apuleius - The Golden Ass IV 8
Translated by W.Adlington

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