Sunday, January 31, 2010

The last day in Argos and my return Athens

I've finally arrived in Greece - that's at least how it feels now; the sun is shining, it's between 15 and 20 degrees C and I've finished the Argolis bronze age tour.

The view from Asine, referred to as Asine upon the gulf in the catalogue of ships (Iliad II).

A tower in Asines wall. Notice how the corners have been "cut off" - a distinct Hellenistic feature.

This Kouros base (ca 510 BC) depicts a fight between a boar and a lion.

This is the inside of chamber tomb 15 LHIIIA tomb (late bronze age, around the 13th century AD) at Dendra. No body was found, but several vessels (most of them tinned to look like metal), some glass objects and three gold spirals (these were, however, probably from an earlier tomb).

A Mycenaean armour found in Dendra by Paul Åström. Compare to the Illiad X 260-265:

"They then put on their armour. Brave Thrasymedes provided the son of Tydeus with a sword and a shield (for he had left his own at his ship) and on his head he set a helmet of bull's hide without either peak or crest; it is called a skull-cap and is a common headgear. Meriones found a bow and quiver for Ulysses, and on his head he set a leathern helmet that was lined with a strong plaiting of leathern thongs, while on the outside it was thickly studded with boar's teeth, well and skilfully set into it; next the head there was an inner lining of felt."

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