Friday, January 29, 2010

Some shots from Argolis

Another day in the field and I feel great, lots of exciting stuff today, such as several Roman baths (one with sarcophagi in the basement), an aqueduct, lot's of statues, some bronze age clay walls and finally a Mycenaean dam.

A relief,(depicting a rider, a large vessel and a snake) cut into the living rock at Argos - a very uncommon sight indeed.

A Greek architectural element saying "ΩΝΠΗΓΩΝΚΑΙΤΟΝΥΜΦΑΙΟΝΜΕΤΑΤΩΝΔΟΧΕ". I can only make out the middle section saying "ΚΑΙ ΤΟ ΝΥΜΦΑΙΟΝ (και το νυμφαιον as it would read in normal minuscule print) = and the Nympheae (elaborated fountain). We can therefore assume that someone dedicated this building and something else to the Agora where this piece is to be found.

The theatre in Argos. It may not look as impressive as the one in Epidaurus at first sight but you'll notice when you get closed that it is cut out from the living rock.

And at last, the aqueduct in the area, which you still can climb into.

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