Friday, January 15, 2010

Thetis request

This will be the last post under the Quotes category - I hope that you have enjoyed it - as I will be going to Athens tomorrow where I will spend the coming months (until April 1st or so). The new category will be very similar to the one I stared of with in Rome, I will simply present ancient monuments that I have visited recently (normally the same day).

The gods could be persuaded - that the Trojans are victorious for a great part of the Iliad can be traced back to Thetis request to Zeus, quoted below.

Zeus sitting on his throne, a pose which is, to my knowledge, surprisingly rare.

"Father Jove [Zeus], if I ever did you service in word or deed among the immortals, hear my prayer, and do honour to my son [Achilles], whose life is to be cut short so early. King Agamemnon has dishonoured him by taking his prize and keeping her [Briseis]. Honour him then yourself, Olympian lord of counsel, and grant victory to the Trojans, till the Achaeans [Greeks] give my son his due and load him with riches in requital."

Homer - The Iliad I
translated by S.Butler

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