Thursday, February 18, 2010

Some finds from Nemea and Isthmia

It's been a long day, I've been climbing Acrocorinth (which is nothing like climbing the acropolis in Athens), seen Nemea, had a quick look at the Diolkos (ship road over the Isthmus) and visited the ancient Poseidon sanctuary at Isthmia.

Continuing my fish theme from yesterday, this is a truly unique find from the museum at Isthmia, made out of glass (and stone?). Here we see an fish swimming in the sea. The piece is dated to the Roman period (which is very long in Greek archaeology), but I'm quite sure that it's as earliest from the 2nd century AD, probably 4th.

Another scene from the same piece, here an octopus.

There are also some scenes not directly related to the sea, here a villa (?) with a colonnade.

And at last, the temple of Zeus at Nemea (where Heracles slew a lion). You can see that it's rather late (being doric) on the tall, rather thin, columns.

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