Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Some Greek gods

I have been to a lot of museums. very many actually. There are still finds that turn out to be curious or special and I must say that the bronze pieces at the Piraeus museum really did impress me - I will however only post a photo of one of them today, as I'm short on time (I could really post more pictures every day, but I have other things to do as well).

Athena in bronze, a truly remarkable and unique piece. It can be dated (based on the style) to the mid 4th century BC. Notice the pose, the weight on one leg, the leaning head, moving arm and the sad expression.

Four of the Olympians. Hermes comes first with his easily recognized heralds staff, the kerykeion and the travellers hat, then comes Athena with the Aegis armour (a goat skin breast armour with a Medusa head in the centre) and a spear. After these two we find the twin gods, first Apollon with his youthfulness and even more importantly his bow (that should be seen in the context of his sister, behind him) and at last Artemis who here is depicted with a torch (probably representing a special epithet connected to a special version of her cult) and her normal attributes; a bow and quiver.

Heracles and Apollon fighting about the delfic tripod. More on that episode under the Heracles heading (direct link to the specific episode).

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