Saturday, February 6, 2010

Today have been kinda strange. I woke up at 9 ish (after far to few hours of sleep) and used my day fixing some clothing for the Revolutions party at The British School here. Yet, I managed to get my hands on some photos and you'll find 3 of them below.

A large Eros.

I don't know the find spot of this boy holding a hare (ca 320-310 BC), but similar statues have been found at Artemis sanctuary in Brauron (Attica).

A cycladic figurine, compare to the one in this post.


Björn Nilsson said...

The cycladic figure gives the expression "a blank face" a face, if I may say so. Quite fascinating.

Patrik Klingborg said...

Very true, but we must remember that they were painted and even inlaid with other stones from time to time - the ancient impression might have been very different.

The thing that I find very interesting with these are that we have no idea what so ever what they were used for (even as a lot of people argue that they had cultic significance, a very much over used explanation in archaeology).