Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some days too late: Anemospilia, Fourni & Psili Korfi

The internet connection has been rather useless for a while so I simply decided to upload the pictures a little bit later. Here's some shots from Anemospilia, Fourni and Psili Korfi.

This is the view from Psili Korfi, the Minoan peak sanctuary at Juktas. The setting is absolutely amazing but it's also a very hostile place: cold, windy and rocky.

This is a Minoan dromos tomb at Fourni near Archanes, an important site found during the 1970's. Notice that this is only one out of four dromoses, seven shaft graves and many other buildings.

Another picture from Fourni that show you how well the site interact with the landscape, growing out from the bedrock.

This is the so called Anemospilia "sanctuary" at Juktas MMII/MMIIIA (ca 1700-1650 BC). The site is foremost famous for the dead body (one out of four at the site) found there, interpreted as a human sacrifice, a theory which I find to be far from bullet proof.

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