Saturday, March 27, 2010

The very best of Ancient and Old

Well, I've actually been posting pictures every day for a year now and I still have a couple of thousand that I would like to present. However, I feel like today is a good day to look back on some of my own favourite shots and that's why I want to post a "Best of" post. It would also be interesting to see if anyone who has been following the blog could mention some favourites.

A Votive statue from Brauron in Attica.

I don't post very much from Egypt on this blog. This piece came in when I was combining quotes with pictures and Tacitus mentioned the Egyptians as the inventors of writing.

This piece is probably more exciting to me than anyone else. It just so happen that someone gave grand father a copy of this frieze when he turned 50 and I ran into the original years later.

There are certain things you'll almost never get to experience. One such thing is being alone in the Colosseum. Now everyone who knows me, know that I consider the Colosseum to be overrated - it still makes for a great shot thou.

A facues mosaic from Pompeii, it simply got stuck on my mind and the motif is wonderful!

I love the setting and colors in this picture of the The Sciarra Amazone. The blue paint on the walls looks great in combination with the white marble.

There are some pieces that just stand out from the rest. This is most certainly one of them and I can only imagine how the beautiful the paintings in Rome must have been 2000 years ago.

The millennium church, in one of Roms suburbs. Build with a lot of symbolism (as the three sails reflecting the holy trinity) and finished to lead the church into a new age, it stands out from most of the things I've seen.

Another shot of pure luck. We were visiting the Museu della Civilta Romana, early in the morning after a late night. I was very close to not taking this picture arguing that I could do it some day later. Good thing that I didn't wait.

The Corinth Canal, built in the 19th century AD.

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