Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Zeus and Ganymede

Corinthian workshop, beginning of the 5th century BC.
This terracotta statue visualize how Zeus kidnapped Ganymed from Troy to be his cup-bearer, an incident mentioned in the Iliad when Diomedes command his charioteer Sthenelus to act:

"spring Aeneas' horses and drive them from the Trojan to the Achaean ranks. They are of the stock that great Jove gave to Tros in payment for his son Ganymede, and are the finest that live and move under the sun. King Anchises stole the blood by putting his mares to them without Laomedon's knowledge, and they bore him six foals. Four are still in his stables, but he gave the other two to Aeneas."

- The Iliad V - translated by S. Butler

You should also notice the rooster Ganymede is carrying, a lovers gift from the god.

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