Thursday, June 17, 2010

A carved stone

This piece, a carved stone of special interest, was found at the Bronze Age site of Hala Sultan Tekke in 1972. It proved difficult to interpret and date the piece - no parallels have been found- , but it seems as it is a part of a stele or house model, probably from the 13th century BC, although it could date from any time between the 16th and 12th century BC. For more information on this stone, see SIMA (Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology) XLV:; Hala Sultan Tekke 8, p. 150-165.


Björn Nilsson said...

Äsch, det är ju en gubbe (eller gumma) som lägger upp ett jattegarv, det ser man ju tydligt!

Patrik Klingborg said...

Haha, så kan man också tolka den. Jag borde möjligen jobba lite på min blogghumor!