Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Emperor Claudius, found in Cerveteri. The piece is believed to originate from the emperors reign (41-54 AD).

"He [Claudius] possessed majesty and dignity of appearance, but only when he was standing still or sitting, and especially when he was lying down; for he was tall but not slender, with an attractive face, becoming white hair, and a full neck. But when he walked, his weak knees gave way under him and he had many disagreeable traits both in his lighter moments and when he was engaged in business; his laughter was unseemly and his anger still more disgusting, p63for he would foam at the mouth and trickle at the nose; he stammered besides and his head was very shaky at all times, but especially when he made the least exertion."

Suetonius - Claudius 30
Translated by J.C. Rolfe 1913-1914

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