Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pan (Inuus and sometimes Faunus)

A very calm version of Pan (2nd century AD, perhaps from Rome), here rendered without his most typical attributes - the give away comes in the Syrinx and the skin. The head and arms were restored (I do not know how heavily) when it was places in the Villa Giulia in Rome c. 1550.

This is a more relaxed view of Pan (100 BC), where he tried to make an advance upon Afrodite, one of his favourite activities. More on this group in this post.

Pan is always a fun character, and not only in myths and legends but also in sculpture. You’ll see him around now and then, he’s both quite common adn easy to recognize with his horns, goat-feet and puck nose. You can also see that he’s either dancing or playing his pipe, the Syrinx.

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