Monday, November 1, 2010

"Sparrow, favorite of my girl"

A bird (sparrow?) from the villa at Oplontis, also known at Villa Poppaea (it is, however, far from certain that she owned the villa).

Sparrow, favorite of my girl,
with whom she is accustomed to play, whom she is accustomed to hold in her lap,
for whom, seeking greedily, she is accustomed to give her index finger
and to provoke sharp bites.
When it is pleasing for my shining desire
to make some kind of joke
and a relief of her grief.
I believe, so that her heavy passion may become quiet.
If only I were able to play with you yourself, and
to lighten the sad cares of your mind.

Catullus - Poem nr II
Translated by J. Fortaperus

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