Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 10.

Well I was wrong yesterday, today is my 10th day in Rome. I guess that tells you how tired I am.

Today I've been at the library again, I'm all but done with the Etruscans. As it's only very little left I had the great idea to go down to the forum. Guess I got stuck.

Arch of Titus. Did you know that it was torn down and rebuilt stone by stone in the 19th century?

The little that's left by the wall of between the forum of Augustus and Forum of Nerva.

The Spanish stairs. I've had two pictures from the spot already without the stairs them self. Guess it was about time.

Forum Romanum. As I said yesterday about the column of Trajan, this is almost the same but on the other end. I won't say anything cause then I'd have to write a book.

Finally the Colosseum. I know that it's over rated, there's a million shots of it on the net and so on, but it still makes a great picture.

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