Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 11, Part two.

Well, I'm back from Etruria and yes I survived the earthquake. However, the damage to the area where the disaster struck is immense and cannot be overestimated, it's terrible.

Anyway here comes the pictures from the first day - a few more then normally. Some are from Blera, others from San Giovenale.


The Via Claudia, an ancient road still in use. It have most likely been used for a great deal longer but it was the Romans who formalised it in the last decades before the Birth of Christ.

Blera, a place where time has stood still. The bridge spanning the ravine wasn't constructed until the fascist rule in Italy and it must have improved the villages position a great deal as the train station is on the other side.

Another shot of Blera, a truly calm and peaceful place. One really funny thing was how we went down into a cave/cellar under a restaurant/hotel after our dinner to buy wine. The place was vut into the living stone. The village was very male dominated though.

One of my absolute favourite sites during this trip, just outside of Blera. This necropolis is situated where the Roman road exit the city and cross a high bridge and is thus very easily spotted. Amazing!

The medieval fortress at San Giovenale, still mighty after all those years.

The Swedish excavations of San Giovenale. I may look like nothing now but it completely re-shaped how we look at the Etruscans towns and societies when it was found.

The place where we had our breakfast, a small town called something like barbare-ish. Blear had just a gateway like this until it was torn down to make room for a parking lot. Ouch.

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