Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 12.

We move quickly through Etruria, visiting one remain of this ancient civilization mightier then the last one. This day was dedicated to Viterbo and Tarquinia, mainly the later one with the very famous painted Etruscan tombs.

The view from Tuscania where we made up came, also known as stayed in a hotel. (Click to enlarge)

The basilica and fortress in Tuscania. The Basilica was magnificent!

A terracotta relief of Aquurossa type. I believe it's type A or B, but it might be D as well. We know that this kind of terracotta relief's have been been used all over Etruria to decorate domestic buildings, possibly monumental buildings and tombs. They are obviously made from pre-made pattern and pressed into the shape.

I managed to take pictures of quite a deal of the painted tombs in (or under/on the other hill) Tarquinia. This is the one called Tomba delle Leonesse. The name derive from the felines in the pediment, though, obviously leopards not lionesses.

Another tomb painting, this one from Tomba del Cacciatore (Tomb of the hunter). Notice the close resemblance to a tent in the design of the painting.

The view from where the graves are situated, ancient Tarquinia in the upper right corner. It was by some reason situated quite far from the tombs and further away form the sea - at the same time in total control of the nearby farmland.

An area normally closed of to the public that we were allowed to visit! Amazing place, and what's even more amazing is that this is how the whole area would have looked like back then, kilometres of it!

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