Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 14.

So this is the end of the first two weeks and the of the travels in Etruria. To celebrate (or mourn) I present a special piece today from the Necropoli di Crocifisso del Tufu in Orvieto- an inscription in Etruscan, something that this site is famous for.

A typical inscription from Crocifisso del Tufu.
For those who feel that their Etruscan isn't what it used to be this is what it reads: sanapisselevaim, translated into English as: This is the tomb of Aveles Sipanas - we know that this was a well known family in the area around the 6th century.

Another shot from the same site. The tombs are much smaller and uniform here than at other Etruscan cemeteries, some are difficult even to get in to.

A lonely corner at the site with a stele, stone marker, fighting against time itself and successfully so for 2500 years .

Pozzo di San Patrizio, a deep well in Orvieto, 200 steps. I guess that the populations water supply was secured at least and the walls was surely impressive.

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