Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 15.

Today have been dedicated to an introduction of the changing city - a most refreshing and terrifying subject. The middle-age should surely be exterminated and I will still have nightmares of the post-antique destruction of Roman monuments. Brrr....

I have also survived some rather harsh torture today, visiting the Capitoline museum for only 20 minutes. Such a horror, I will surely be traumatised.

Marcus Aurelius in all his glory - the only larger bronze statue from the Roman period to survive. Why this one then? Well the popes, also known as Pontifex Maximus (The same title as one of the most important Roman pagan priest used), thought that it was Constantine the great and saved it. I guess that their crude sense of art is our luck today.

A random church in Rome, it's crazy.

The Oculus in Pantheon - a building of which we would know nothing if it had not survives as a church, now celebrated as a Roman marvel. Who know what might be lost of this wasn't even worth mentioning?

Victory temple A, B, C & D are situated on this spot, dedicated to unknown deities even though we got some clues.

I have no clue. Seriously. The signs never stop to amaze me.

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