Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 16.

It's been a beautiful day in Rome and I've spent it in the sun reading articles - and it's soon time for our eastern dinner.

Anyway I've decided to not post any shots taken today as I have now 1341 photos (84 posted so far) from the first 2 weeks and rather than taking photos for the sake of it I'll present some shorts that did not make the first selection as I had only time to upload that many.

Piazza di Poppoli where I normally "enter" the city.

Another shot of Piazza di Poppoli.

I have previously posted a picture from the crypt of this very old basilica.

The stairs of death, previously shown from the top.

The column of Marcus Aurelius. I deemed it to be too similar to Trajanus column, and might confuse non hardcore ancient history readers, when the shot was taken and decided to let it rest a little.

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