Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 17.

It was time to return to normal today after a great eastern dinner with egg hunting and cake sheep sacrifice. I started of by waking up at 8, as I do without any mechanical aid nowadays, had breakfast and went out to see the pope, one of those things that you should try to do at least once in your life. Alas,

Seeing the Pope: Check!

The pope experience was later joined by a long day in the library.

I might also add that the weather is slightly worse now, t-shirt is no problem of course but it's cloudy - making the shots a little bit of a challenge.

Another random church in Rome. I'm still amazed.

Piazza di Popoli, another statue. God they love statues here and so do I.

The Pope is a very small man in a very large church. He's looking as evil live as on television by the way.

Finally a Sea Gull. I just couldn't resist him where he looked of the Tiber.

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Anonymous said...

Salve Klingan,

Ah, he is such a sweet old man, our new pope. No ? I saw the old one in '03 (I saw a tiny dot in the distance - couldn't get any nearer - but people assured me it was him) now, he was EVIL.
And check out Pope Formosus on wiki if you want to read a weird story.
Love that Svensk (and the 'Vakra Svenska Flicka'). Can't speak or write it but I can make most of it out. It was long before you were born,but I still have very fond memories of my visits to your beautiful home country.

Vale optime,