Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 19.

Today's pictures are all from the Palatine and Forum Romanum. as that's where I've spent the morning. I hope that you enjoy them!

Today's first picture is from the newly opened Domus of Augustus - a building that we're not 100% sure was the home of Augusts as there's no real evidence for the statement at all.

A tree in one of the peristyles of domus Flavia/domus Augustana. The platform in the front was once the podium of a small temple.

The view from the palatine hill on the south side.

The area right behind what's known as the basilica shot from the inner part of the Aula Regia.

What's left of the temple of Castor & Pollux.

One of the temples A, B, C, D. It was later converted into a storage facility during the middle ages.

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