Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 20.

The days pass by quickly here. Today we've been taking a look at the living of the lower classes during the early empire and higher classes during late antiquity.

This is something taht you'll see very rarely, a shot form inside of the Insula Capitolina. This is a place rarely seen by anyone, very much less so by tourists - most people doens't even notice it next to the modern Vittorio Emanuele.

Cloaka Maxima, from the forum Transitorium, also known as forum of Nevra. It's normally all but impossible to see but this shot was possible thanks to that the grass was cut as we actually were there and that I was in the forum.

A warrior statue with a typical Gaulish armour.

The Case romane del Celio, an ancient insula preserved into our time, formerly known as clivus Scauri.

The early medieval church on top of clivus Scauri.

A random fountain in Rome - there's lots of these in different shapes.

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Gabriel said...

Jag vill minnas att du har namnsdag idag, så grattis Patrik! (Annars finns det säkert någon bra anledning att gratulera.)