Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 26.

Another day in Pompeii, filled with houses that the public ain't allowed into, I hope you enjoy these rare pictures!

The fauces mosaic from the Casa dei Chingalle II.

The inside of the Praedia Iulia. This is the "domus" part of a almost complete insula that was rented out only two weeks before the eruption. Included was the tabernar pergulae and balneum venerium! (Shops with a living area and fine baths)

The very famous fresco that give Casa de Manandro it's name.

A lararium or other altar from the Casa de Manandro.

A bunch of amphorae from the normally off limits Casa dell'Efebo.

A beautiful mosaic depicting a hypocamp and some other sea creature.

The lararium from the Casa del Poeta Tragico.

The Nola gate, only recently opened to the public.

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