Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 27.

The third day in Naples and time for a break. No, not the taking it easy doing nothing kind - we would just change site to Puteoli and the National Museum of Naples.

A fresco depicting a fuller (In effect: Washer) working.

I hope that no children are reading this blog as it coulg get nasty today. Yes there is such a thing as the secret room in the National Museum at Naples with all the dirty Roman art. This one is from a peristyle (garden surrounded by columns)

A lararium, home altar to the familiar gods and spirits. Notice the graffiti on it saying CACATOR CAVE MALUM, meaning something like "It is bad/you are warned, do not shit here".

A now epic piece, the jumping pig. I don't know exactly where it comes from but it's around Herculaneum, probably Villa dei Papyri.

One of the absolutely latest finds in Herculaneum, excavated as recently as 2 months ago!

A Roman bath in Puteoli, the only one we know of that resembles the imperial Thermas or Rome.

A lead filter in the great cistern of Puteoli.

Another rather striking piece of decoration.

And as a last picture, the - thanks to HBO Rome - now very famous mosaic from Pompeii.

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