Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Day 6.

It's only half past 3 but I can't see how I would get any other shots today so here we go:

An Etruscan terracotta sculpture can make anyone's day! This one is now in the Villa Guilia.

A grotesque painting from the Villa Guilia. For those who doesn't know, grotesque derives from the fact that these paintings are heavily inspired by finds in Nero's villa Domus Aurea during the late medieval times and renaissance. Back then it was thought to be a cave painted in this manner and thus is became cave art, grotte being cave in Italian. Notice the close resemblance to the fourth Pompeiian style.

One of the many gardens in the Villa Guilia.

And the last picture for today, The British Institute. You might remember the picture I posted from the Swedish institute a few days ago, let me tell you, the Brits are in a completely different league.

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