Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 7.

It's an absolutely stunning day in Rome today. The sun shines, it's warm and I've spent almost all of it in a library. Oh well, there'll be more days, no doubt, and tonight there's a party at the Spanish institute. Can't wait!

I managed to take a short walk though and here's some pictures from it.

On a side note; the pictures that I have posted the last days have had their resolution slightly changed making them a little bit blurry. I have found out why and it won't happen again!

Not all good are is ancient. This is a carved monument base (That's what it looks like at least) from the Villa Borghese.

Morning at the Swedish institute.

Well it's time for yet another institute, the Romanian one. Just because we can't compete with the Brits doesn't mean that other countries won't try their luck. This is a good attempt and they reach almost the same class, in my opinion very much thanks to the upper colonnade.

What is a park without a small temple? I will never appreciate the park where I run in Lund again. This shot is taken from the Villa Borghese.

Finally, a triumphal arch. Also situated in the Villa Borghese, modern or not, it makes the walk to the shop a pleasure every day!

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