Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 8.

Another day in Roma and what a day! I've been to Cerveteri today and I tell you, there is no place that bring the Etruscans to life as their death and Necropolis does. Even as I knew that the site would be terrific it struck me with it's ancients mystery. This place must surely be the Pompeii of the Etruscans (Lets forget that Pompeii was Etruscan for some time).

I might add that the weather is fabulous and I'm at my very best here. Anyone who have seen me at a ruin know what I'm talking about! It's hot, it's ruins, it's me.

The entrance to the city imminently strike the visitor with it's beauty. I will most certainly return for another tour.

The Death Lily, a flower growing in abundance on the tombs of Cerveteri. It is said to bloom on the fields of the afterlife.

6th century tombs. The Etruscans had turned away from tumulus mounds by this time and now arranged their necropolis's in a tricky Hippodamic manner with straight streets.

My personal favourite tomb, another picture show the inside but it's difficult to imagine what it looks like anyway. One thing was clear, something went wrong when the tomb was constructed and it looks like two toms intersected by mistake, resulting in two entrances, something that is quite unique.

Inside my favourite tomb was among other things a chair or throne, a popular detail.

Inside another tomb, notice the smaller deathbeds for the children of the deceased.

Walking around a tumulus tomb.

There's some mystery left at this site, lots to explore and many excavated tombs. Some have unfortunately taken damage but it gives a lot of an Indiana Jones feeling of adventure. I must bring a flash light next time.

Another tumulus covered with grass and death lily's. Quite beautiful.


Gabriel said...

Mycket snygga bilder, jag är något avundsjuk. :)

Patrik Klingborg said...

Haha det är rätt trevligt här faktiskt :) Man tackat för kommentaren!