Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 62.

It's been a long but awesome day. I started off by going to the Swedish embassy to vote (The European elections) and then went on a spontaneous excursion to EUR to spend some time among the fascists remains.

Arriving at the institute about 30 seconds before our lecture started I sat down and stared taking notes and 13 min after the lecture we went to see the Priscilla catacombs. No pictures from that site though as the nuns very friendly asked us not to.

To see some more Fascist monuments in Rome take a look at day 50 and 44.

This is fascist building which soon got known as the Colosseo Quadrato due to it's unusual shape. It was originally planned to hold statues in every niche of great Italian and Roman leaders something which was cancelled with the fall of the fascists.

A relief depicting great moments in the history of Rome. Notice Romelus and Remus in the top left corner, Caesar on a horse, Augustus in the center, Titus and the spoils of Jerusalem (the Menorah, the seven armed Jewish candelabra), the church state, and at last the glorious (?) rule of Mussolini himself.

A obelisk, not a monolith lite this one but yet.

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