Monday, February 22, 2010

The Agora Museum - Again

I think that I've visited most of the major museums now and I'm therefore visiting them a second time, just to make sure that I remember them. here's some finds from the Agora Museum.

An Athenian Tetradrachm (should, by all logic, equal four drachma) from the 2nd century BC:

Perfume bottle in the shape of a kneeling athlete, depicted as he is binging a victory symbol, a ribbon, around his head. Ca 540 BC.

This is, despite its shape, an official weight from ca 500 BC. The figure (in this case a turtle) is to ensure that everyone, not only those who could read, would know its worth - the turtle represent 1/6th stater, i.e. 127.5 grams.

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