Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Some finds from Cyprus

There was some interest in the comments for the finds from Cyprus a few days ago and I though that I might follow up on that, especially as I'm joining an excavation there in 2 months. So, enjoy, another set of finds from Cyprus (older posts including finds from the island can be found here and here).

This courious vessel is a Trefoil (the spout is trefoiled) Oinochoe from the Cypro-Geometric III - Cypro Archaic I period (900-600 BC). You'll notice how different in style this vessel to the geometric finds in Greeece if you compare it one or more of those vessels: A common (Greek) geometric pyxis, a rare granary pyxis and a funerary vessel(ignore the different shape for now).

Another Trefoil Oinochoe, this time a little later (Cypro-Archaic I-II period i.e. 750-480 BC) with a bichorme decorative pattern.

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Björn Nilsson said...

Nice pottery, something for modern potters to study!