Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stele of Ευφήρος (Eupheros)

This piece from ca 420 BC is interesting by several different reasons. We can, first of all, notice that it once contained traces of colour - the background was blue, the normal choice during the classical period and the hair was red. It is, however, even more exciting to notice that the man holds a strigil in his left hand since one was found in the tomb under the stele. Was that the man depicted here? Strigils are unfortunately common finds in tombs so we cannot tell for sure, but it's a far better guess than most other identifications you run into when studying ancient art.


Anonymous said...

Can I use this picture in my poster presentation is this public domain or does it belong to some one. This stele I think depicts the strigils unyielding promise of health and life the owner longing to be alive to strigil again.

Patrik Klingborg said...

Of course, go ahead, I'm only so happy that it is being used (and even more happy that you ask for permission!). May I ask, out of curiosity, what presentation it is for?